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Proof of Concept (POC) Development

By demonstrating the feasibility and practicality of your blockchain based project by providing MVP with bare feature set we will assist in having a better understanding of a particular project by providing you a prototype model of your enterprise. Proof of Concept is the realization of the business model or any nifty idea that indicates potential growth in business. Proof-of-concept will help you by establishing viability, isolating technical issues, and suggesting an overall direction, as well as providing feedback for budgeting and other forms of internal decision-making processes. It can be used in projects like -

  • Medical Records Management
  • Voting Trackers
  • Identity Management
  • Record storage
  • Insurance policies
  • Legal documents

Private Blockchain Development

We will provide you with a private Blockchain network that can incorporate all the requirements of the company into consideration for internal use of database management, Record storage etc. Based on requirement permissions can be given to access network or initiate transaction on them to specific people.

One needs the permission to join it through invitation by the network administrators. There is restricted access for participants and validators. It gives an option to incorporate blockchain into their accounting and record-keeping procedures without sacrificing autonomy and running the risk of exposing sensitive data to the public internet. Another similar network is consortium Blockchain network which is semi decentralized. Permission is still required to access the network but the network is operated by multiple nodes in different companies. No single organization has command over others.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the virtual version of protocols and contracts based on the Blockchain Technology through which we offer you high security, reduced transaction costs and process time while including all the predefined requirements. It is a digital set of protocols which propose to digitally facilitate, verify and enforce the terms and conditions of a contract. The key feature of the smart contract is they don’t require any third party to guide the negotiation and performance of contract. All the transactions will get deployed based on predefined protocols and they are trackable and irreversible in nature. Depending on the user’s requirement smart contracts can have contractual clauses which are self or partially executing and self-enforcing as well. The sole aim of smart contracts is to provide enhanced security and reliability with reduced transaction costs and time.

Project Management Consulting

From providing strategic guidance to come up with the best Blockchain technology for your business to developing the final application for your enterprise. We will cover it all. With the new cutting-edge technology like Blockchain which can really boost the company’s progress, it is paramount to know the current scenario and to work up the new ideas to enhance the results. We help organizations in uplifting their performance with analyzing and providing suggestion on blockchain incorporation in their business.

Why approach us for consultation?

We have highly skilled and top class blockchain application developers with the sole motive of improving upon the current technical engagement in corporates and organisations. We assess both blockchain and cryptocurrency based services along with some featured services. We tend to create long-term relations and provide technical insights and operational solutions. You will be catered by highly experienced and skilled employees to provide sophisticated analytics and consultation support.


Creating an open source distributed ledger which is more efficient in terms of speed and security for managing your finance. Hyperledger is based on Blockchain technologies like identity, access control and smart contracts with a vision of enhancing the blockchain application in the finance market. It governs open protocols and standards across all industries and business acting as a mediator for decentralized digital cryptocurrencies. The paramount aim of Hyperledger is to make advancements in cross-industry association using blockchain and smart contracts to enhance the reliability and performance of companies. Hyperledger can integrate independent open protocols and standards with the help of a framework for user-defined modules, including blockchains with their own consensus and storage routines, as well as services for identity, access control and smart contracts.

Supply Chain Development

From the inception of produces goods to the final consumers, we can help you keep track of everything at every stage of the supply chain. Blockchain can guide and monitor to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the process by implementing its features in the supply chain. A distributed private ledger with all set of transactions can ease up the process of tracking the goods. It also builds up the security in terms of business transactions and makes them transparent. There is no third party intervention in the process hence it is more reliable and less prone to manipulation.

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Providing your own cryptocurrency which will be designed to facilitate the exchange of digital asset with incorporating highly secured cryptography for financial transactions, control additional unit generation and to verify the asset transfer. Blockchain can facilitate advanced and innovative cryptocurrency development services with effective solutions for user-based business development that meets their objectives. Our expertise in generating cryptocurrencies will get you started right on track whether it is for Wallet development or Initial coin offerings. Build secure and independent blockchain based currency tailored to your specifications and get unparalleled cryptocurrency development services.

Ethereum Application Development

We can assist you with the budding technology of EAD in today’s business world capable of generating and managing blockchain applications as well as providing insights for company management. It can be tailored by user specification to comply with the needs of your business.